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    JiangMen Bestday Electric Co.,Ltd.
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                  BESTDAY is famous small home appliance brand which registered both in Germany & China. It’s known by its Energy saving、Safety and Environmental–friendly. BESTDAY is specializing in home appliance’s development, production and selling, always in the same path with world’s consumption trend. Our Garment Steamer, Slow Juicer and Oil Presser have landed on market.

              JIANGMEN BESTDAY ELECTRIC CO., LTD based in Jiangmen Guangdong BESTDAY owns not only the top-ranking establishment, advanced testing measure, large injection machine and more than 15000㎡ factory, but also we have many high competency and experienced management team & technology team, which ensure the quality of products. All products form BESTDAY have got CB, GS, CE, ETL and ROHS certificate, and the factory had passed ISO9001 approval. High efficiency and high quality product ensure customer “everyday is the best day” is our goal !